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We are a creative agency,  technologically savvy agency that finds the cutting edge and stays there, we tend to be unique,  whether you need to stay in focus and appear, grow traffic we will work closely with you to get what you want , how you want it. Akkar Market is ou property Native advertising platform , a unique tool that lets our clients stand out and get the most out this new marketing format

Today, technology binds together everything we do but everything we do, regardless of output, begins with advertising sensibility at its core. The power of the idea. The advertising landscape is increasingly complex and ever-changing.

About Akkar Media

Akkar market is a digital advertising platform and local business web directory. Using the latest strategies and technologies, we developed an online directory gathering the maximum number of Akkar businesses in our platform, making it easier for people to find out what they need in all possible categories. Moreover, our platform is free of charge for the basic business listing. We aim to connect people to local businesses by making it possible that every business in akkar standout and gets known. Our web directory is available as an application on iOS and android app stores. We will be looking forward to listen to our users feedback, mainly to enhance our application model for a better user experience as well as developing a user friendly interface and design in all possible ways, providing a smart solution for businesses and users. Local Businesses can manage, edit and update their profiles besides monitoring stats for a better understanding of their market.

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